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Nuclear Energy Insider: Canada SMR race expands to six entrants

Nuclear Energy Insider recently featured Global First Power and Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation's (USNC) MMR™ Energy System as a leading SMR proposal. An excerpt is available in italicized text below. The full article is available here.

“We have engaged with the Canadian regulators and CNL for more than four years and we understand the process for licensing and building an SMR at CNL,” Francesco Venneri, CEO of USNC, told Nuclear Energy Insider.

“We have a good path to commercializing our design quickly because of the low cost of prototyping. With the right set of financing we’re set to break ground in about three years.

“SMRs done the right way can power remote communities and make the grid extremely resilient to anomalous events. The next step is significant decarbonization in industrial heat, grid power, and transportation. Our technology is particularly adept at replacing these carbon sources. Our focus has been the ultra-safe concept based on melt-down proof technology which is more difficult to achieve with large reactors and other more advanced tech.”

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