Welcome to Global First Power

At Global First Power, we have a solution that will help meet Canada’s energy demands, while supporting our environment and climate change goals.


The world is facing a challenge: an ever-increasing demand for energy while at the same time, a desire—a NEED—to decrease our impact on the environment. Specifically in Canada, we need clean energy sources that do not negatively impact the environment.


Enter nuclear energy: clean, reliable, adaptable energy at a competitive cost, with virtually no emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases or smog. Nuclear energy can be produced on an adaptable scale that can help enable and complement other renewable energy sources.


We are busy right now proposing to construct and operate a small modular reactor at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ Chalk River site in Ontario.


This project could serve as a model for the future and be…

  • a solution that provides clean, reliable energy to support Canada’s heavy industry and mining applications or for far north or remote communities;

  • a solution that contributes almost no greenhouse gas emissions or smog; and

  • a solution to support Canada’s environment and climate change goals and help build prosperity.


We invite you to learn more about Global First Power and this proposed project.