The Micro Modular Reactor™ (MMR™) Energy System

The MMR® Energy System includes a nuclear plant, which would contain an MMR® High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor that would provide process heat to an adjacent plant, via a molten salt heat exchange system. The MMR™ would produce approximately 15 MW (thermal) of process heat to generate electrical power and/or heat, over an operating life-span of 20 years.


The MMR® plant is based on USNC’s proprietary Fully Ceramic Micro-encapsulated (FCM®) fuel technology which will bring an unprecedented level of safety as well as improved economics and reduced environmental impact for remote power applications.


USNC has been progressing the design of the MMR® over the last several years.  This includes completing the Phase 1 Vendor Design review with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.


Visit USNC’s website to learn more about USNC’s MMR energy system. To learn more about the technology download USNC's tabletop MMR.

USNC MMR image in ground.png