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Global First Power submits a Licence to Prepare Site (LTPS) Application to the CNSC

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

On March 20th, 2019, Global First Power (GFP) with its key project partners Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) submitted an application to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for a Licence to Prepare Site for a potential Micro Modular Reactor (MMR) project at Chalk River Laboratories site in Ontario. The application detail can be found on the CNSC website.

The occasion marks the first time that a small modular reactor (SMR) project license application has been submitted to the CNSC in Canada. GFP was previously the only applicant that has cleared the second stage of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) SMR siting invitation process. Public and indigenous consultation is a key part of the site application process.

GFP believes that this is an important step in commercializing the MMR technology to bring great benefits to Canada. One of our countries’ biggest issues today is climate change caused by greenhouse gases. The MMR energy system does not emit greenhouse gases, nor other air pollutants. GFP hopes that the Micro Modular Reactor system will replace diesel in remote mines and communities that do not have access to the electricity grid as well as provide broad benefits in addressing energy-related issues in the indigenous communities in the north.

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