Who We Are

Global First Power (GFP) is in the business of developing and deploying small modular reactor technology as an alternative to fossil-fuel generation in remote communities and mines that are not connected to provincial electricity grids.


GFP intends to provide a new form of safe, clean, reliable, and commercially-viable energy to Canada and other countries, owning and operating the next generation of nuclear technology. GFP is a federally-incorporated Canadian company located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives

Our vision is to contribute to a world where small modular reactors (SMR) are an inherently safe, low-carbon and cost-effective generation option to provide the energy people need, regardless of location. ​ 


Our mission is to contribute to the global transition to sustainable, inclusive, accessible energy, by being among the first developers to successfully generate power using innovative micro modular reactor technology. ​ 


Our overall goal is to execute the Micro Modular Reactor Project (MMRP), becoming the first company to develop, construct and operate an SMR in North America.


Our objective in successfully and safely delivering the MMRP is to instill confidence in the nuclear industry, the public, Indigenous groups and stakeholders that SMRs are a viable solution for the future.

Our Company's Values

  • Safety – human health, environmental, employee, nuclear, and conventional safety – is the Corporation’s first priority

  • Quality means meeting requirements for all aspects of the work undertaken by the organization and by the companies we work with.

  • Reliability reflects meeting our commitments for reliable delivery of our projects and reliable delivery of our energy commitments.

  • Efficiency is applicable to delivery of all aspects of our operation in order to meet investor expectations.  

  • Respect and Integrity reflects our commitment to fair and respectful treatment of our employees, Indigenous groups and customers.

A Joint Partnership

For several years, GFP has worked in collaboration with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC®) and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to prepare for and initiate the Micro Modular Reactor (MMR® ) Project at Chalk River. On June 3, 2020, the three companies announced they had formed a joint venture partnership which will build, own and operate the proposed micro reactor at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ Chalk River site.

USNC, a company committed to bringing safe, reliable, and secure nuclear energy to world markets. Based on Seattle, Washington, they supply the commercial, world-class MMR® technology with the patented Fully Ceramic Micro-encapsulated (FCM®) fuel anticipated to be used for the Chalk River project. Learn more about USNC.


OPG – a company with 50 years of excellence in the nuclear industry. OPG is one of the most diverse electricity generators in North America. OPG produces about half of the electricity Ontarians rely on every day, and its clean, safe, power costs an average of 40% less than other generators in Ontario. Learn more about OPG.

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